Dear readers – What do you like about reading?

Some of my friends have ever asked me :  “Why do you like reading so much? You always bring books anywhere you go!”

For me,books are not just books. Books are the reflection of the author,the imaginations that turned into lines of words,paragraphs of sentences. Something personal that turns into a thing that can be shared with a lot of people.

Do you guys like reading? I do,A LOT. Yes,I do carry books especially novels anywhere I go. Books. People say that reading books is really good for the brain. I’d like to say that not only to brain,but more importantly to the emotions inside. Reading books calm your mind. Books can bring you to another place. Books connect thousands of people hearts. Books are there for you when no else does. Books never disappoint you. Okay,maybe some books ever. But in a different way rather than the humanly disappointing. I’d rather disappointed by books that person. I’d rather spend 5 hours reading books than be with some strangers or with unknown so-called “friends”. Because human can never treat you like your favorite books do.

The smell of the bookstore,the smell of a new-freshly bought books,that CHA-CHING machine then all the books are yours! Doesn’t it make you happy? I feel so SO happy when I buy books. Books will never leave you. No matter what. Either you have finished reading it or you lost the book,it’s always there. Because the memory never fades away. It’s always there. Unlike people,who always come and go inevitably.

Books meant so much to me.

At this moment,I’m reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. And it DOES bring me to another planet. A whole new world.  Such an unforgettable experience. So instead of asking why alot of people like reading books so much,start on your own.

So ,what makes you like reading? Comment below!



Lonely is not only the feeling you get when you are alone

You can feel lonely anywhere

You can feel lonely in your own room

You can feel lonely in a class full of students;

                                    in a subway full of strangers;

                                       in a restaurant full of people,


Because ‘alone’ is not about what on the outside,

It’s what on the inside;

You can have 3 peers and feel lonely

You can also have a lot of friends

Yet still lonely …

Because deep inside,

That’s not what you need

It’s not about the numbers

All you need is someone

You can count on,

Who you can be weird with,

                               eat burgers with,

                                 have a deep talk at 3 a.m without feeling awkward afterwards,

Someone who don’t bother spend their time listening to you;

Who stand by you

When the world is against you;

Someone you trust

                         who will not replace you.

But after all,

At the end of the day,

You’ll realize that

Everybody eventually leaves.

Then again,loneliness haunts you

And you’ll start living with it

And it becomes your shadows

I am the loneliness




Hi everyone!

I wanna explain why I’ve been gone somewhere for a while.

To start thing off,I kinda out of writings idea,so if please, I’m happily opened to any kind of idea.

Second,I’m kinda not in the mood for writing. So,yeah.

Third,I’m sooo in the mood for DIY stuffs. Lately,I’ve been busying myself by doing alot of DIY.

Here’s some pics of them:


– A Taylor Swift 22 cat ears headband DIY (inspired by TheSorryGirls )


What is that? so disgusting! you guys might think. That,everyone,is a Gillyweed replica ( Thanks to ToniEllison )


I made this as a celebration for 4th of July. Not so good and tidy,but oh well.


This is so cute! Mike Wazowski papercraft. So a few weeks ago,we had a task in school to make a papercraft. And now,I’m addicted to it!

I’ve also made some DIY front knot ombre tank top but it was being washed sooo,i can’t take a pic of it.

What do guys do this summer?

Comment below because I would like to know! 😀

Have a happy summer holiday (it’s almost over!)

Short Love Story: David Tennant – Traffic Warden


First,if you’re a Doctor Who fans,you should definitely watch this one!

I found this video in an Indonesian comedy website (one of my favorite) ,

There is this one article posting a few short love story that , i think , are very sweet and this one is probably my favorite. Very funny,cute,sweet and also mildly relaxing love story. Plus,David Tennant.

Hope you guys like the short video 🙂

Other short love story videos here: (indonesian,no subtitle – sorry!) (in English) (indonesian, with Eng subtitle) (Disney’s) (English)


What’s Your Favorite Movie? – Milli & Nathan


    So,this one is gonna be a little different. Lately,I’ve been ‘hunting’ for good Indonesian(my country) movies and my friend told me to watch this one. I’m not very much into Indonesian movie and I’m not very optimistic about Indonesian movies as I barely able to find the good ones.

    But,who knows,this movie is very special. I’m in love with it! I think it’s very sweet although i’m pretty sure it’ll bring you to tears. For you guys,Indonesian and for those who can understand Indonesian language,someone out there uploaded the full movie on Youtube. You can watch it here

    For others,I hope this website could help

Let’s jump to the synopsis.

    Milli and Nathan went to the same school when they were in high school . Nathan is a very diligent,smart student ,with college as his number one priority. Also he’s a little bit awkward,in my opinion. Milli is a very attractive,easy going person whose number one priority is not study.Nathan likes to help Milli in her study. Then they fell in love,and became a couple. After graduated from high school , Nathan broke up with Milli,with excuse that he wants them both to focus on their study. Nathan went to Jakarta,while Milli continue college in Bandung.Milli,who dislikes college,decided to stop and start to become a writer. They both continue their lives then meet again. Then something happens. Life continues but the two never really leave each other.

    I think it’s a very sweet,cute love story. Written very well ,packaged in such a way that the plot flows beautifully.

Here are some good quotes(there are a lot of good quotes):

“Love is like a hot coffee

The most delicious drink while hot

But the risk is it’ll quickly run out

So as not to quickly run out

Drink slowly

But the risk is,it will get cold”


“After the sun,after the sky

The brightly colored thing

is hope”


“He is the man who always confuse to determine directions

Turn right,turn left,or just go straight

He just knew that he has to keep walking

And should not stop

Until at one point

When a deadend intercept

Rather choosing to stop

He choose to step back

Because what’s important to him is

To keep walking and walking”


“Every man can fly

What one needs is just someone

To show them how to spread one’s wings”


“The art of life is living with the pain

and still able to laugh everyday”


“He is the man who always feels he’s walking through strange roads

Looking for something ,

Running for whatever

Hundreds of intersections been through,

Then ignored

Until yearn turns into shadow along the way

And he keeps walking

Without knowing when he has to stop”


“Do what I love, Love what I do”

“I go away , not for leaving you , but to be eternally be with you”

“Happy and sad one package, right?”

“The one we always love is not necessarily our soul mate”

“True love is beautiful  … even though not able to be together again but the hearts remained united “

“Until you came with all your weakness,your flawed life complete me”

“Love what you’ve got as long as you can, because those time will not happen to you twice”

“Longing, on the day of ours .. At a junction where we first met”

“Touched by the sincerity of his love, and want to always see her smile even from a distance without being able to touch the figure of his beloved”

For you guys Indonesian,I know most of you,and me too,we don’t have high hopes for our own film industry. But trust me with this one,this is very good. #2 Indonesian favorite movie after Eiffel I’m In Love | Buat lu pada yang orang Indo atau yang ngerti,gue tau lu ,gue jg,ga punya harapan tinggi buat perfilman indonesia.Tapi percaya deh,ini film bener-bener bagus. Film kedua favorit gue abis Eiffel I’m In Love.

Jarang-jarang kan gue memuji perfilman Indo (I barely compliment Indonesian movies) 😉

P.S: Prepare Kleenex and pillows . Watch with girl friends if possible :’)

The Super Sweet Blogging Award !

First thing first ,sorry for my MIA .It’s been a while since the last time I posted.

Today,I was checking my blog and et cetera and WOW! That’s Geektastic nominated me for The Super Sweet Blogging Award ?! THANKYOU SO MUCH! I was kinda shocked (add speechless to that).  You are such a sweetie !

The Super Sweet Blogging Award

The rules for those nominated:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions. These can be found down below.

3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post.

4. Nominate a baker’s dozen (13) other deserving bloggers.

5. Notify your Super Sweet nominees on their blog.

Super Sweet Questions:

1. Cookies or Cake?

Hmm.. I like both but I think if I have to choose,I’d choose cake. Especially the creamy one :9

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Depends. If it’s ice cream.. actually if it’s ice cream I want both lol. But for this one,i think chocolate. No one hates chocolate.

3. Favourite Sweet Treat?

My favorite is probably cupcake (or ice cream? or chocolate mousse ?). Now this is very tricky question. I love eating all sweet things! But the most common and favorite one is probably cupcake(or probably nutella mug cake). Not only it’s very delicious,it’s also easy to make.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

At night . And when other people eating it instead of me. Hahaha…

5. Sweet nickname?

I don’t know if this one is cute enough,but I’ll go with ‘Cutie Pie’. or ‘Sweet Cheek’? (It’s from NCIS)

Nominees for the Award

1. That’s Geektastic!

A very ‘geektastic’ fantastic Doctor Who fans. The blog says it all. Chantalle , you’re such a lovely person! Thankyou again for nominating me 🙂

2.  The Rom Com Diaries

A huge fan of romcom,just as I do. Very sweet and nice too! Glad I’ve found someone who’s as crazy about romcom as me.You’re a romcom fans? she’s definitely the right blog 😉

3.  Maggie’s Tie Dye Dresses

A blog dedicated to Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan. Well,do I need to say more? Meg Ryan is indeed such a very talented actress.

4. The Optimist

Optimism. The necessity of life. That’s the truth. Lovely ,cute blog. The post,the background,I’m in love ! (Also,a fan of Doctor Who )

So,see you guys later! 😀